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[paragraph_text class=”lead”]Reliable Radon Inspections, Inc.

Illinois License Number: RNI2008222

Reliable Radon Inspections Inc. is base out of Plainfield, Illinois and offers professional radon measurements specializing in real estate transactions.
Focusing on customer satisfaction and professional service all delivered at a cost competitive price.

  • James H. East, President / C.E.O.


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What Makes Us Better

[accordion title=”Focusing on customer satisfaction”]
Customer Satisfaction is the main aim of Reliable Radon Inspection, Inc.
[accordion title=”Professional radon measurements”]
We engage professionals to measure the radon level with latest equipments, which ensure the accuracy in readings.

  • Professional Employees
  • Standard Equipments
  • Reliable Solutions

[accordion title=”Professional service delivered at a cost competitive price”]
We provide competetive prices for the services and it is very competetive than market prices.

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