Test your home for radon
Tamper seal used for radon testing
A test location window that has been sealed closed using a tamper seal.
Tamper seal used in radon testing
TAMPERING DETECTED on a test location window that has been sealed closed using a tamper seal.

Radon Testing for Real Estate Transactions

Reliable Radon recommends that every home be tested as part of the buying and selling process.

We realize that when a client call us for a real estate radon test, they maybe doing so on a recommendation from their realtor, and that this may be the first experience they have had with radon gas ever!  It is our hope to make the radon testing process as easy as possible.  We encourage all buyers and sellers to read the State of Illinois Radon Pamphlet as it is an excellent source of basic radon information.

Radon Test Tampering Detection

In conducting over 25,000 radon test, unfortunately we've seen it all when it comes to tampering. Deliberate tampering with a radon test in Illinois is illegal and may result in civil penalties.  Reliable Radon uses a variety of tampering detection methods which may include monitoring test location temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.  Our monitors also continuously monitor for radon gas, monitor movements and power outages.  Additionally, we may use a non-residue tamper seal on windows and some doors to ensure they remain closed for the testing duration.

Thermal Imagery Used to Detect Open Window Conditions

The above are great methods to ensure that test location is not aired out or to ensure the monitor is not moved.  But, how do you know about what happens to the test location before we get there!!!  In accordance in the Illinois measurement protocols we provide the required pretest notifications of the required Closed Building Conditions to property owners and occupants.  However, the unfortunate truth is we have run into individuals who inadvertently or purposefully attempted to "air-out" a property. 

That is why we also deploy thermal imagery to the test locations to monitor what the naked eye cannot see.  Take a look a the three pictures below and the one on the left shows a test location that has not been aired out prior to monitor placement.  The center one shows what the naked-eye sees.  Now take a look a the picture on the rights, this picture shows the the cold air currents that have cooled the wall and floor below the window as a result of the window having been opened prior to monitor placement.          

Radon Testing Thermal Scan
Required Closed Building Conditions maintained prior to monitor deployment.
What the naked eye sees.
What the naked eye sees.
Closed Building Conditions NOT maintained
Required Closed Building Conditions NOT maintained prior to monitor deployment.

Additional Important Points to Consider

Once you decided to test a home for radon the next step is selecting your testing company.  Give us a call or text message at 630-247-8707 and we think you'll agree that Reliable Radon is the best radon gas testing company you can hire!

Below are some very important points that every consumer should consider when shopping for radon gas testing services:


We are the BEST choice for your real estate radon testing needs!

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